Who We Are

Rwanda Survivors Foundation is a Canadian registered charity that is dedicated to advancing and disseminating knowledge about the Genocide in Rwanda, preserving survivors’ stories, and protecting international peace. Co-founded by a Rwandan Genocide Survivor and a Canadian humanitarian, our firsthand experience of Genocide has inspired us to create change. Now, we want to inspire you.


Feature Programs

Taking Lessons from Rwanda to Schools

We’ve inspired over 5,000 students across Rwanda, Canada and the USA with our interactive workshops and survivor speakers.  

The Survivor Memory Initiative

Our commitment is to record the stories of Rwandan Genocide survivors.  Stories of survival, hope and resilience.   

The Canada Rwanda Centre for Genocide & Peace Studies

This groundbreaking learning centre will be Canada’s first to document the Genocide in Rwanda.  


What Students Are Saying


“It really gave me a new outlook on life, and I now know no matter what the situation I will never give up.”