A Message From the Co-Founders:

Intolerance, fear, and hatred can and do arise in all human groups and communities. In the 20th century alone, 231 million people died through war and conflict. Now, in the 21st century we learn and work to bridge the divides that torment the world, to create cohesive communities that thrive off of diversity and create a genuine sense of belonging.

We believe that there is an opportunity to learn from the Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. While we cannot bring back the lives of the 1 million victims, we can give voice to the survivors and together forge a lasting, powerful and wise legacy from the Genocide, returning to the world a portion of its broken heart.

Join us in this great work, and together we can create a world founded upon our common humanity.


Taking Lessons from Rwanda to Schools

Learning from our past is highly dependent on the influential teachers of our present and an inspirational curriculum. RSF equips teachers with knowledge and programming that engages students and cultivates emotional intelligence and leadership.

Focusing on the Genocide in Rwanda, the curriculum blends fact with experience. Real survivors’ stories are available in the classroom, complemented with youth civic engagement and diversity workshops. Moreover, leadership trips to Rwanda are readily available to highlight history and our learnings in the most tangible way one could experience.

The Canada Rwanda Centre for Genocide & Peace Studies

Our hub is intended to be a revolutionary learning centre in Canada that shares intensive work experience in genocide education with the greater community.

As experts on the matters of genocide, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, forgiveness and social reconciliation, The Canada Rwanda Centre for Genocide & Peace Studies will provide visitors with a nexus of learning resources, trainings and workshops, and access to a digital and physical survivor memory archive.

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Memory Preservation


At the forefront of our vision, is honouring survivors. With firsthand experience with the brutality of Genocide, and a Canadian commitment to international peacekeeping, we are dedicated to empowering survivors of the Genocide.

Recalling trauma and tragedy is difficult for everyone, but we believe that fostering memory preservation is imperative to inspiring change and intervention. The Survivor Memory Initiative is a component of our foundation that hones in on survivors’ stories and uses real experiences to influence education, while aligning different communities.

The Survivor Memory Initiative is threefold - using an innovative methodology, we record stories, empower survivors through storytelling, and partner with Canadian universities to expand research efforts. The result: a greater voice from genocide survivors. The Survivor Memory Initiative underlines lessons from our history that can, and will, shape future communities.

Global Genocide Awareness


Scaling global genocide awareness requires local influence; that is why RSF regularly presents and partakes in events and conferences of all sizes. As our organization collects research and insightful data, we disseminate information in an effort to preserve our history, increase global genocide awareness and inspire change in humanity.

Educational resources and real stories from the past are interdependent. RSF workshops, events and speakers bring research and data to life by sharing firsthand experiences with our audiences. Our workshops are available to educators, researchers and partners, and work to preserve memories and ultimately, increase global awareness.